How to establish your wine mark in China very quickly?

There is a rapidly increasing wine demand in China. But many wineries feel confused that how to enter China quickly and effectively without any risk?

Many of them select the traditional trading model. They sell their wines to the importers in China. And the importers sell its wines to the next buyer. The next buyer to his next. After many sells and buys, its wines eventually arrive at the consumers. Eventually the cost are very high and most consumers can't afford it.

Another brand new way can greatly improve the price quality of imported wines. Wineries can cooperate with Haiwei Liquor Trading Market, which is the only legal wine trading platform in China. By Haiwei, after wines arriving at China port, Haiwei will keep them in its FTZ warehouses, and then directly distribute them to Haiwei's outlet centers throughout China, and then consumers can buy and taste immediately. Haiwei has a strict control over the direct-selling link, which keep the original wine quality and greatly improve its price quality.

For further information, just google Haiwei Liquor Trading Market. Or just call us. +0086-0755-86160566. Or just e-mail us by or

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